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At Gentle Dental Care we pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge of dental technology.

That's because we care about giving you the best care. The technologies we employ allow us to make faster, more accurate diagnoses, while keeping you as comfortable as possible.

Intra Oral Camera

This special camera allows you to be involved in your treatment like never before. Images of your teeth appear on the computer screen in your treatment operatory, so you and the doctor see exactly the same thing during treatment planning. Having visual images assists you in being an active participant in your individual dental treatment plan.

Laser Cavity Diagnosis

This non-invasive, high-tech laser wand, no bigger than a pen, can find cavities before they have a chance to become painful and costly to repair.

Digital X-rays

Gentle Dental Care uses Dexis, a digital x-ray system that seamlessly integrates with our computer system. This cutting-edge technology offers:

  • Lowest Levels of Radiation – radiation exposure is reduced up to 90% compared to conventional x-rays.
  • Easier Diagnosis – superior x-ray image quality provides effective diagnosis and superior patient communication.
  • Faster Results – images appear immediately on the operatory computer monitor, saving valuable time.

Computers in Every Operatory

The powerful software in our treatment rooms enables you to see and be hands on in your own treatment planning. A chair side monitor providing clear visual images of your dentition allows you to see what we see. You should feel confident that the dental procedures chosen are right for you

State-of-the-Art Sterilization

We keep you safe and healthy by using sterilization equipment that exceeds the federal requirements for instrument and equipment sterilization.